Containerization rates are on the following aircraft is based on size, if you have a particular needs please email us for a quote. All dollar amounts are in US funds we provide the wood and packing material.
Cessna 140/150/152        $***********each     TOO LOW TO LIST
Cessna 172                     $********** each     CALL OR EMAIL
Cessna 182                     $********** each      FOR RATES
All Annual inspections are for a base price that does not included additional parts or labor 
That aircraft may need during the inspection. Please email us for a quote.

 In our fees we will take care of all of the dismantling and crating of the aircraft figured in our price and that is per aircraft, and in U.S. funds and that is at our facility located in Monroe WI (Keft) these rates aren't for me to re assemble the aircraft on the other end,.

Shipping rates:
 On the average rates run anywhere from $4500.00 to $6500.00 (per container)I have a shipper that I have worked with and have a great rapport with, I can get you rates but as a ball park figure for planning just say it is going to be give or take $5500.00. we can firm up prices later on and please make sure if you are going to ship that you have insurance on the aircraft while they are being shipped either thru the shipping company or a private insurance carrier, and folks try not to be cheap no matter how you do it most aircraft will not fit into a 20 foot container the prices we quote are for a 40 foot high cube which you can get 3 Cessna 152's in or 2 Cessna 172's the more aircraft the more you defer that cost.

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