You're looking at a used AeroTow Getjet E-1800, the unit is about 7 years old Batteries are good and everything works I just don't have much use for it anymore.
The unit has a 3 HP 24 V drivetrain and comes with its own mounted automatic battery charger, and two Group27 sealed 

The GetJet E-1800 moves a wide range of aircraft - from the Cessna 172RG through the Cessna Citation 650.  

The GetJet E-1800 hydraulically lifts and carries the nose wheel of the aircraft. This allows for greater maneuverability. The nose 
wheel can be lifted to a maximum of 9 inches above the ground.

We complete the package with lights that enable the operator to see under the fuselage.

Shipping: The GetJet E-1800 is shipped by common carrier. The unit weighs in excess of 500#. The receiver must be able to take 
delivery from a semi-trailer. Buyer pays truck freight shipping, can pick up in person if you would like. and as always thanks for looking.

​$4000.00 OBO